Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Have A Contract!!

Thought I might get your attention.  Although, it may not be the kind of contract you're thinking of.

(You'll have to pardon the sappiness of this post.  I am getting ready to go out of town for 2 days and feel like I'm leaving for a year!)

We have had the talk with our kids many times about how "one day you're going to grow up and move out and not want much to do with your old mom and dad..."  Jenna gives us a look that says 'Yep, and it's gonna happen sooner than you think." Jared, on the other hand, looks longingly into our eyes and says, "I will NEVER EVER leave you.  I don't EVER want to move away OR get married. Ever.  Because I love you." 

My heart swells and we both look at each other with moist eyes. "Oh. It'll happen one day. Believe me", I say. "You're going to have one beautiful bride and she's going to be a lucky girl."  He says, "Nope. Never."

One day, after having this conversation again, and him promising me that he will NEVER move out, I tell him that I want this statement in writing.  I told him I want a signed contract.  So when the day comes, and he's all grown up we can show it to him.  He was all for it and determined to prove to us that he will feel the same way then as he does now.

So, my husband drew up a contract.  Here it is, signed and dated by our sweet little guy.

I dread the teenaged years when this kind of stuff will gag him and he will rather be with his friends than us.  But for now I will relish in the delight of having him love us with all of his heart!


  1. Aaawwwwww.....Warm Fuzzies!

    That is something you will cherich forever.


  2. Sorry about the typo. What I meant was "cherish".

  3. Aww! Too cute! I think you should have Jenna write one up too.

    "I, Jenna Benna Helfer, promise to move out or pay rent on the date that I become of legal age. I also do solemnly swear to never beg my parents for money at any time after that date. I understand that bringing dirty laundry along when I return for visits or stuffing my suitcase with food from the pantry will also constitute breech of this contract." lol!!

    Hope you guys have fun at Ladies Conference! I miss you all already!!! <3 <3 <3