Friday, November 12, 2010

There Goes My Painter's Tape

It's a beautiful day today! Bright sunshine and around the mid 60's.  I love fall days like this.  I'm glad the kids are home and able to get out in the fresh air and use their creativity.

I looked out the window and found them making a "road" up our alley.  Much to my disappointment they were making the "yellow" line blue...with my painter's tape.  But *sigh* I'm happy to see them out playing together. 

I find that they have created "Jenna's Driving School".  Where kids can come and get their license. (That's a scary thought).

Here is the driving course...

             Founder and Chief Commanding Officer        


                                Doer of Commands--Er--Student

Throughout the driving course one must demonstrate adequate driving skills.  The student will drive up one side of the road, make a turn into the designated parking space.  They will then turn around to come out of the parking space, exiting the garage, and merge into traffic being careful to use their turn signal.
Demonstrating proper way to enter traffic using signal
Designated Parking Area
(i.e. messy garage)




  The Rules As Follows: 
1. You must put your blinker on when turning.
2. Stay on the right side of the road.
3. You must complete your drivers test to get your license.
4. To pass someone you have to cross on the wrong side of the road.
5. Listen to the police officers (if you hear a siren pull over). 

Instructor's Clipboard

Upon completion of the course and passing the driver's test the student will be issued a "Maryland Driver's License":


  1. Bahahaha. That's funny. I'll send Julianna over tomorrow to get her license. I need to see a demonstration video of someone passing someone else in that tiny, little broken line area at the end of the driveway. :)

  2. I read the title and say the pic and just busted out laughing... kids are great :-) (other peoples that is... you know, the kind you can give back ;-p) Anyway... very cute... just wanted to let you know that you're kids are awesome and gave me a good laugh :-)

  3. Aw! I miss you Heather! Thanks for "stopping by" :) Yeah, I think they're alright too <3