Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poem of Love

The earlier part of today was a not so joyous day with my firstborn,  pre-teen, strong willed child. 

*Gasp* Did I just say that out loud in front of God and everybody!?

Yes, we have our down days just like we have our up days. 

It was just one of those days. I will spare you the juicy details but at least mention there were not a lot of smiles going on.  In fact, we were getting ready to go run errands and I said- "If we can't go out with a smile then we need to stay home." One stayed behind.  I won't mention her name. *wink* * wink*

So, the boy and I ran out and did some shopping and ran errands.  We were gone for a little longer than I'd planned because all the Christmas stuff is out everywhere! I am so in the mood for Christmas. So we slowed down the pace and looked around at the decorations.  He added a few things to his Christmas list and I tried on some shoes.  (I'm about to go old lady on some shoes cuz my dawgs is barkin!) I realized time was getting away from us so we finished up and hurried home.

Once we got home I went up and hugged my girl and told her that we missed her and that it wasn't the same without her there.  She showed me some neat little "pockets" she made on the side of her dresser.  They were pretty neat, actually.  She used half of a cereal box, a pretty tissue box and another little box to hold pencils, pens, and a slot for books. Underneath was a nice padded area with pillows- a little book nook.

So, as she was showing me her neat creations, a paper on her dresser caught my eye.  I saw "Mom" on it which instantly grabbed my attention. Considering how the day went earlier I thought for sure it wouldn't be good! Ha. I was just about to make progress on reading it when she saw me and quickly got a hold of it to hide it from me.

I asked, "Is it bad?"


"Well let me read it then..."



"Noooooo...I'm too embarassed..."


After begging and bribing she gave it a second thought and said, "Let me read it first." As she began re-reading it, I stealthily moved forward and snatched it from her! HA! Such a nice mom I am.

To my surprise it was a poem titled "My Mom". It went on to say how she has the best mom who is kind to her...And that she loved her mom. And her mom loves her...just the way she is.  When something bad happens her mom reaches over and gives her a hug and says "it's ok".

That's when all the frustration from the earlier part of the day just melted away.  I hugged her tight and told her how much I loved her...and her poem!

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  1. Awwww! Jenna Benna!!! She's such a cool chica. I love her. <3 I wanna see a picture of the pocket thingy and reading nook she made!