Thursday, November 11, 2010

Going Marbles

*Clink...clink...clink...clink...* is what I've been hearing today.  It's the sound of marbles in a jar.

The day began with Jared showing off his hand made paper Bakugan collection. 

Showing off his paper Bakugan's. 
To the left is a "real" Bakugan
Jared's own created Bakugan's. Most of these he gave names to.  Pictured here are "Sting Lash", "Jet Kore", "Bee Striker", "Bone Crusher",  Alpha Hydronoid", "Hammer Gorom", "Cross Buster", "Ghost Freak", Spider Fencer", "Fear Ripper" and "Tigrara"

I'm not sure what all the obsession with Bakugan is all about...but he is really into these things.  They are miniature transformer-like things that fold up into little balls.  They are magnetic and stick to these cards that have metal in them.

The day only got more intense when we saw a pack of 3 new ones that he HAD TO HAVE at the store today.  "Please, Mom. Can I get these????? I'll pay you baaaack...pleeeease?? " I told him, "Sorry. Not today, Bud."

His wheels turned on ways he could earn some money to buy them himself.  I reminded him of our marble jars at home.  Both he and Jenna have their own marble jars.  When they do chores they can add marbles.  Each chore is worth a different amount of marbles but range from 5 all the way up to 40 (that's for cleaning the whole basement toy room when it's a mess! Ha.).  He was so excited he could hardly wait to get home to get started.

He enthusiastically:
Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher-- *clink...clink...clink...*
Cleaned the kitchen & dining room-- *clink*
Cleaned the entire messy basement--*clink clink clink clink clink clink clink...* (you get the picture)
Cleaned the yard, the stairs, living room, foyer...*clink...clink*

Meanwhile, I'm feeling like Cinderella's evil stepmother as I sit in my cozy chair!  But on the inside I'm just in love watching this cute little guy working so hard :...(

He's already a little more than half way to the top of his jar. Go Jared!


  1. I can put him to work to fill that jar in no time!! Jaredrella. Awesome. :)

  2. Ok I want the detailed scoop on the marble jar. How much are marbles worth in money? Xander is always bugging me to get money for doing stuff. "Mom, I made my bed right the first time. Can I have a buck??" Err, that's not really a paying job dude. Yesterday I paid him a dollar to find the phone that's been missing for a week. Haha! We need a better method!
    I love his little paper Bakugans! Too cute!

  3. When they fill the jar they get $10- which is almost too much if they fill it up quick, but if you break it down for how much they do it seems about right. They get marbles for just about anything- brushing teeth, shower, praying, reading bible, cleaning and we agree on a certain number of marbles for each job (5 for little stuff like brushing teeth, etc.).