Monday, November 29, 2010

Our "B & B" Experience

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!  We sure did.  Went to my parents and had the best turkey I've EVER had.  They got an outdoor convection cooker and injected their turkey with cajun spices.  Oh myyyyyyy...was that a GOOD turkey. So juicy and full of yummy flavors.  Not your traditional turkey and something I will do maybe for Christmas or next year.  We have two convection ovens and I have yet to figure out how to use them. 

Friday we got a pretty tree and put it up.  As we were moving it, I reached in and found a nest inside.  There's probably a bird out there still looking for it's home! :(  We put up all of our other decorations while listening to Christmas music and drinking eggnog.  I love Christmastime! Our house now smells of fresh pine...ahhhhh.

Cute little nest

Saturday I got to go out with my honey and get a cup of coffee at Starbuck's.  It was nice.  The kids wanted us to go out "because we never go out alone" (Jared) and so that "they could make some Christmas presents for us" (Jenna).  So we got some coffee and then looked in a few stores.  When we came home we were greeted with the biggest surprise. 

It was our very own Bed & Breakfast!

Our host & hostess:

Christmas music was playing, the tables were all set, with candles and pretty glasses and a menu for each of us. The house was spotless.

Before sitting down and deciding on what we would have for dinner they showed us the upstairs.  Our bedroom was all cleaned, bathroom cleaned, two robes folded and waiting on our chair (LOL) nice white towels hanging, samples of lotions & soaps, bed made! The works! 

We were escorted back down the dining room where we had a tough time deciding on what to pick from the menu.  We both decided on lemon iced tea, salad, veggies & dip, garlic bread and chicken noodle soup.

The happy couple

Busy at work in the kitchen

After dinner we were offered pedicures and back massages. I chose a pedicure with peppermint oil. 

What a great 4 day weekend!!


  1. Sweet! Precious! The "Homeschool Kid of the Year" award goes to Jared and Jenna. I think I'll discreetly leave this blog post open on Ray's and Mar's computer. Maybe they'll get the "pamper mom and dad" hint. Ha!