Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Journey Begins

We are now entering our second week of homeschooling.  I originally hadn't planned on starting until the second week of September but the kids wanted to start early.  So we did!  Our first week went smoothly and I feel really good about making this decision. I'm looking forward to what's ahead this year.  I'm excited to see my kids learn-as I learn things right along with them.  I am confident that this is what God has called our family to.  It's exciting to walk a path knowing that it has been ordered of the Lord. 

I know there will be challenges ahead. I know I didn't pick the easy road. But it's a road that God chose for us.  All I did was say "Yes."  I will admit, I struggled with the decision.  His will vs. my will. There are a lot of things I could be doing all day while my kids are in, eating, playing, getting together with friends, shopping, eating, earning some money, cleaning...just out having a grand old time! But I know deep down inside that God was calling me to this.  I could have said "no". I could have just pretended that "it's not for me" but I recognize that God knows what's best for our family.  It's a sacrifice for me but I know the rewards will be great.

It began over the last few years.  Gradually, I have been feeling a tug on my heart to give myself to my home, my family.  I want to spend as much time together as possible.  Families are hurting for time together.  My Pastor often says, "The way to spell love is: T-I-M-E". The way I look at it is, I only have these kids for a few more years before they are teenagers and want nothing to do with my husband and I.  I want to make the most of the short time left before they are in the place to make their own decisions as young adults.  I want them to be shaped and molded by God's standards, by love, acceptance, confidence in who they are, confidence that they were made in God's image.  I want them to see themselves the way God sees them; not the way another 6th grade punk does (sorry- not all 6th graders are punks).

Ultimately, my husband and I are responsible for these kids.  No one else.  I want to be confident that I'm giving my best for them.  These kids didn't ask to be brought into this's a decision we made.  Now it's our job to give them what they need to be successful in this life and in their walk with God and where they spend eternity. Please don't misunderstand me- there are plenty of God fearing, successful families that send their kids to school.  I'm not knocking school in any way.  Homeschooling isn't for everyone...but it's for us!

Our first day!

 The kids were greeted with special goody bags to celebrate. 

Then to Rosa's Pizza-our favorite pizza joint-for dinner :)