Thursday, February 21, 2013

10 Days in Europe

We've added a new educational game to our collection and I'm very happy with it!  We've played many rounds together as a family and on some days for geography during our school day.  It's easy and generally a pretty quick game.

The object is to plan a 10 day trip across Europe by either foot, boat or plane.  Each player has their own tray to hold 10 tiles to which they have to strategically place in order for their travel itinerary.  The countries on the map are a variety of colors, so to travel between countries by plane the two countries must match and also have a matching plane in between them.  To travel by boat the countries must border the same sea, and to travel by foot they must be touching.

After a couple of times playing I decided to give the kids a pop quiz by naming as many European countries as they could.  The first time they were able to name about 14-18.  A couple weeks later they were able to name between 24-25.  Not bad...we're making progress.
They also offer 10 Days in Asia, Africa, USA and the Americas.  Can't wait to get them all.