Monday, August 6, 2012

Our trip to pictures


We had such a great time for our first trip to New York!  The kids were just the right age for all the walking we did, running to catch buses and cabs, seeing the humor in the things we saw (i.e. the naked cowboy), honking horns (at us sometimes), observing the soberness at the 9/11 memorial, and they just knew how to plain have fun.  We went there with a list of about 9 or 10 places we wanted to see and we were able to do all of them, including having a slice of New York pizza! Yum!

I honestly thought the city would annoy me but I genuinely enjoyed the change of scenery.  One of the funniest experiences was on the ride back to our hotel on our shuttle bus.  Leaving the city in rush hour, we sat in the middle of an intersection for at least 3 rounds of traffic lights, blocking 4 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic, unable to move anywhere because of a charter bus blocking our way.  In complete gridlock, perpendicular to these packed lanes of traffic all blasting their horns at us!  It was hilarious.  Just to be able to sit back and let our shuttle bus driver do his thing, having no responsiblility or concern for these hoards of angry drivers was highly entertaining for me!  Once we finally got out of the intersection our bus errupted in a round of cheers and clapping.

It's an experience I will hold dear to my heart!  Getting away and laughing together and relaxing was just what we needed.