Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We are now survivors of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy! What a night we had.  I feel like I slept with one eye open, expecting to have a tree crash down on our house any minute.  Thankfully, no trees fell down in our yard- it only looks like some monster chewed up a tree and spit it out all over our yard and house. 

Besides the excitement of Sandy, we got to go to a Newsboys concert just the night before the storm came.  We had such a great time!  We happen to live next door, literally, to the church where their concert was held so we were able to see their tour busses come in which was neat.  A few hours before their concert began we noticed them hanging out by their tour busses.  The kids were so excited they ran outside to meet them with paper and sharpie marker in hand. They talked to Michael Tait (lead singer), got his autograph three times, and then he was nice enough to give Jenna and her friend two backstage passes and a free ticket.  Pretty cool!  He walked them through the church to find the passes so they got to hang out and talk for a little bit.

It was my first christian concert.  The last two concerts I'd been to were Debbie Gibson and MC Hammer (Ha!), so I really wasn't sure what to expect! Honestly, I've always been a little skeptical of christian concerts and imagined it would be more about worshipping the band than the Lord.  But the Newsboys definitely kept it in the proper perspective, focused on worshipping the Lord.

Here are a few pictures of the concert:

They were making fun of their keyboardist, Jeff Frankenstein, because of his name, considering it's right before Halloween.  He was funny, he said, "Can you imagine trying to order a pizza, or book an airline ticket with my name?"  And to top it off, his mother's name is Sandy---going right along with the Frankenstorm theme!  Poor guy :)

The drummer, Duncan Phillips was my favortie!

A heard a couple of songs I hadn't heard from their God's Not Dead cd. Two I really liked were The King Is Coming and Here We Stand.

Thanks for the tickets, Mom!

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