Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Outside My Bedroom Window

It's October, and that means fall, rain, and cooler temperatures.  I'm loving the refreshing change of the season and the colorful fall foliage.  I can't wait to slip into a pair of boots and wrap myself in a sweater.  And, did I mention pumpkin spice? Oh yum...

It's been quite rainy lately, which makes for an even cozier fall, in my opinion.  Yesterday, as the rain lazily drip-dropped upon the leaves just outside my bedroom window I got a front row seat of a bird feeding frenzy. 

We have quite a variety of trees in our yard, but the Hackberry tree was the tree of interest yesterday.  This tree is covered in little purple berries (and as you'll notice in the pictures it is infested with galls, but that's besides the point).  I witnessed several birds, male and female, landing just outside my window.  It was quite a beautiful sight!  I was so excited that I called my fellow nature lover up to my room to come enjoy the view with me.  I also thought he might want to sketch one of the birds for his nature journal.  We sat on my bed and watched birds come and go, back and forth, chirping and singing their songs, all while enjoying their meal.  Before I grabbed my camera we saw birds closer than we've ever seen them: a male cardinal, a female cardinal, male and female robins, a finch, and bossy Mr. Blue Jay.

It was facinating to observe these birds up close.  Jared was also able to conclude that the orange-ish feather he found recently was actually to a female cardinal.  As Jenna would say-- I'm turning into Mimi (My mom, who also enjoys bird watching).  I can't help it!

Once I grabbed my camera I imagine one of those birds sounded the alarm because none of them came back.  But I was able to get some pictures of a few robins. (These are taken through my window so they aren't the best quality).

These next two are out of focus but I like them:

Next time I hope to have my camera handy to snap some pictures of the others.

~The End


  1. What awesome shots! I want your camera...or is it your eye that I need. :-)

  2. It was so nice to take a moment and scroll through your blog and catch up on all the stuff I have missed.
    Blessings to you my friend!