Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Week

Yesterday was the last day of fall semester at our homeschool co-op.  We probably won't be signing up for spring semester so we can crack down and get back to a five day schedule.  Both kids felt like there were pros and cons to joining the group last spring, but overall I think they were both enriched by the curriculum, spending time in a group setting and support in being with like minded homeschoolers.

As I mentioned before, Jenna had a speech class using the IEW curriculum this semester.  I felt like this was a great opportunity for her, especially at this age, where kids tend to be self conscious.  She had to give her final speech yesterday and spent the past couple of weeks preparing for it.  Wouldn't you know, she forgot her speech at home and ended up having to ad lib the entire speech!  I felt so bad for her but was also very impressed when I later spoke to her teacher.  She said that Jenna appeared to be the most relaxed speaker in the class which took her by surprise considering she was kind of scrambling at the last minute. She also commented that Jenna is a natural when it comes to public speaking.  In both of her speeches she received 'A's'!  I'm so proud of her! 

Jared is feeling very relieved to have his botany and writing classes over with.  He's not quite as extroverted as his dear sister and really prefers to be on his own.  He is his mother's son!  I still think he learned a bunch of new things and I think he'll continue to use his nature journal.

Here's to hoping we actually get some work done from now until Jan. 1st!

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