Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Discovery Sighting in DC

Yesterday the kids, my mom, brother and me went to DC to watch for the Discovery to fly by.  The pilot graciously flew 3 laps around the Mall which allowed for lots of picture taking.  This was a really neat experience for the kids and I'm glad we took the time to go see it.  They were especially glad to have a field trip day!

Here are a few of my favorites (I took 100, so I'll spare you the rest!).

This was lap #1

Lap #2

Lap #3

It was quite a sight to behold!  And not only that, I found out there still are caring human beings around:

At the end of our day, as we stepped off the metro and the train started to pull away I instantly realized I'd left my Nikon camera on that train.  I felt sick.  As soon as I called out "My camera!"  There was a metro lady walking right past me (which had to have been the hand of God) and she instructed me to go to the station manager. The station workers were so helpful and called immediately to the next station.  They told me to ride the next train and it would be there at that station.  But, when I got there they said no one had turned in a camera and to check back with 'Lost and Found' later that day.  My heart sank.  And I was thinking 'Yeah, right. No one is going to "turn in" a nice camera'.  As I was having my negative thinking pity party a gentlemen walks up with my camera bag in his hand.  I wanted to hug and kiss him!

I have to give glory to God because it was only by His grace that I got that camera back!


  1. Awesome story about your camera. The pictures were amazing...what a terrible thing to have lost them. What kind of camera do you have? They look so professional.

  2. Thank you. I have a Nikon D3000 and used my 200mm lens for these pictures. It's a great beginner camera.

  3. What great pictures and what an awesome story. Wished I was on the metro that day. Then I could be taking me some awesome pictures! LOL!

  4. How cool! Both about the Discovery fly-by and the return of your camera.

    Found your blog through a TOS Crewmate and I'm following now. =0)

    1. Hi Sara,
      Thanks for stopping by!