Thursday, May 19, 2011

She's 12!

In two days my baby girl is turning 12 years old!  I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. 

We have been through so much together. I remember clearly the day I found out I was pregnant with you, the day I found out you would be a girl, the day I went into pre-term labor and was put on bedrest for 7 weeks, wondering if it would ever end, and the very minute you were born (May 21, 1999 at 12:14pm).  I'll never forget you screaming your head off just after you were born and the way you came to complete silence in recognition of your daddy's voice.  He talked to you and read to you while you were in my belly and I'm sure you knew just who he was. 

What a journey it has been over the past 12 years! I thank God for you every day.  I love who you are~ a follower of God, strong, independent, fun, a leader, beautiful, inquisitive, daring, playful, humorous, out-going, smart, sensitive and caring.  I have watched you grow and change and mature into the godly young lady you are today.

Happy Birthday Jenna!

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  1. Wahhaaaaaaaaa! Time needs to stop going so quickly.

    Happy 12th Birthday, Jenna! We hope you have a wonderful day and blessed year.