Friday, May 27, 2011

Schooooools Out- for- SUMMER!

We are officially done with school, aside from Jared finishing up his last book.  Didn't plan it.  It just sort of happened.  I feel like a bad mommy/teacher that we didn't plan any cool end of the year celebratory activities- but I don't think they mind. 

Here's what summer is looking like for us so far:

Well, Jared's calling me to come sit on the porch while he writes his book.  He says the birds sound like an orchestra this morning!

Later dudes!


  1. Schooooools out foreverrrr. Sorry, that's all I know. I can start singing the Brick in a Wall song if you'd like. :) Enjoy your summa, summa, summatime. Um, hello, beach? Yes, we hear you calling our name.

  2. Lol - and I love Jared's arm in the Utz bag. Ha!

  3. Yes- I feel the need for some summer beach studies!