Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Week: Unschooling!

So, this week we haven't done much "school".  My husbands parents are in town from Florida and staying with us, so we've been up to other things.  I'm still trying to get out of the mind set that if they aren't sitting with a textbook and pencil in their lap then we aren't "doing school".  But, we are learning other things.


Serving others...

( I was treated to a surprise dinner made by the kids & grandparents. 
I wasn't allowed in the kitchen or to clean up!)

Pumpkin Carving...



And most importantly...


They learned how much their Nana & Pop Pop love them!


  1. Hey, waddup with cutting my kid out of the karate pic?? lol! Juuuuust kidding. ;)

    I love their pumpkin carving faces. Haha! Tooo cute!!

  2. Pumpkins turned out cool. I just printed out a couple patterns for ours. Julianna wanted Ariel (duh!) and Scooby Doo. Not sure what I'll pick. Michael's will probably be Star Wars. Ha.

  3. have pumpkin THEMES?? Overachiever. I'm all proud of myself when we have smiley faces that aren't all screwy looking. lol!

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  5. Oops.
    Tiff- I need to do a whole post about karate and put the video of the boys on it!

    My MIL gave us a book with patterns that you tape to the pumpkin and trace making small holes/dots onto your pumpkin. Then you remove the pattern and cut along the dots. Worked great. The kids did their own