Friday, October 8, 2010

Just Makes Me Smile

There are those special pictures that just bring a smile to your face the minute you see them.  This picture has always been one of those for me.  My father in law took this picture of my husband and my kids quite a while ago.  One thing I can always count on with my father in law is that he'll capture special candid moments like these, since he's a photographer and always carries a camera. I can't remember what it is that's making Jenna laugh one of her deep belly laughs.  Maybe my husband or father in law would remember.  It just tickles me.

She still looks like this when she throws her head back and laughs.  And more often than not her daddy will be the one to make her do it :)


  1. Oh I looooooooooove your new background! Wherever did you find it?!?!

  2. Thanks! I'm trying my hardest to make font colors show up on the sides but struggling! Having fun though. Thanks for sharing that website!