Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dry Erase "Board" For On-The-Go

Our "classroom" has been on the move lately (from the basement to the upstairs) making for lots of trips up and down the stairs with supplies (them, not me!).  I never did get a dry erase board for our classroom and now I'm kind of glad because it would be hanging downstairs on the wall where we are not.  So, as we sat at the dining table doing math today I was trying to think of a make shift dry erase board when Jenna brought me a sheet of white paper in a page protector.  She's brilliant, I tell you.

You can use the dry erase markers, and erase just as easily with a paper towel.  This could be perfect to have in a binder when you're on the run :)


  1. Love it!!!! She is a genius, I tell ya! I'm making myself one of those tonight so Xander can still do his work while Chanel is at her long orthodontist appt tomorrow. Mwahaha! Poor kid can't catch a break. lol!

    FWIW, that paint-on dry erase board I did? Not loving it. I'm going to get around to reviewing it on the blog one of these days. Pain. In. The. Tail. fo realz!

  2. Really?? Hmm, that's good to know. Aw, I hope Chanelie is feeling fine after those braces!! She is gonna be so cute.

  3. It leaves "shadowing" marks badly. Basically it leaves it looking dirty even though the actual writing wipes off. I have to spray it really well with dry erase cleaner and scrub it with flannel wipes to get the dirty shadowy marks off. Blech!