Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Vacation

We just got back from our family vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC.  I live for family summer vacations.  I cherish the memories of my own vacations as a kid going to the Outer Banks with my parents & brothers.  So many fun times and great memories.  I guess that's why our vacations now are so important to me. I want my kids to think back on their childhood and get warm fuzzies thinking of all the good times we had together and traditions we carried out.

So, today's writing assignment was to write about our vacation.  Hopefully they won't sue me for publishing their work ;)  By the looks of Jenna's title, it doesn't seem that I'm off to a good start with our warm fuzzy memories!! Ha!

My Not- So- Fabulous Vacation
by Jenna

It all started like this.  I woke up at 4:15am, then we left at 4:30am.  We stopped at Mickey D's for breakfast at 4:45am.  Then we began our expedition to South Carolina.  Jared definitely got on my nerves on the way there.  We had uncrustables for lunch.  We finally got to the Compass Cove Resort.  We had spaghetti for dinner. 

At our hotel there were a lot of pools, hot tubs, lazy rivers, water slides and there was a water park!

We went to play mini golf and Ripley's Aquarium. At the aquarium I pet sting rays and picked up horseshoe crabs.  At mini golf my mom won, my dad was 2nd, I was 3rd and Jared lost.

On Wednesday I cut my toe and went to the ER. I had to be in a wheel chair.  Otherwise, my vacation was great!

My Summer Vacation
by Jared

It all started yesterday.  We had a 6 day vacation to South Carolina.  I can tell you one thing- it was awesome! First of all it took us 8 hours to get there because we took a lot of rest stops.  When we got to the hotel room I was amazed.  I mean, you can't blame me.  It had 2 queen beds, a toaster, an oven, stove, fridge and balcony.  But the outside was really impressive.  It had 11 pools, 3 lazy rivers, 2 water slides, an arcade and a tiki hut.  Not to mention, it was right next door to the beach!

The only bad thing is, Jenna cut her foot on a drain and she needed a wheel chair.  When she got hurt we got free tickets to the Ripley's Aquarium.  It was bad Jenna got hurt but also good, in a way.  I touched 11 sting rays and picked up 3 horseshoe crabs. 

While we were there we played miniature golf at "Minotaur Golf".  It was awesome!

So, if you ever go to South Carolina, Compass Cove (our hotel) is definitely first pick!


  1. LOL. Those made me laugh. Other than the gaping wound, sounds like they both had fun.

  2. Can't you feel the love between them? Ha.

  3. LOL! These are great! I can "hear" their voices in both stories. :)