Thursday, September 23, 2010

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

One of the neatest things Jared got for his birthday is his new DSI XL.  He's been having hours of fun distorting pictures of people, making videos and voice recordings while laughing his head off.  He hasn't even played a game on it yet.

After our studies today, while trying to rest my clogged up head, I hear the kids giggling their heads off in Jared's room next door.  I asked them probably 150 times if they could quiet down.  I had just taken some cold meds that gave me that loopy, clouded head feeling.  I did get a little nap in, but after realizing my requests to quiet them down were futile, I gave up.  I decided to see what exactly was so funny.

I come into Jared's room to find both kids on the top bunk of Jared's bunk bed, feet dangling from the edge.  They were holding Jared's DSI and laughing hysterically.  They show me what they've been working on.

Can't you just feel the love between these two siblings?

I'm not sure if the style of their piece is considered "counterpoint" or not.  I will have to ask my friend from The Ray-Mar-kable Libby Kids.  Maybe we can make a music lesson out of it.


  1. you know what I'm doing while ya'll are in church!

    The song really has potential...hmm...for what I am not sure. ha! Maybe potential to build long and lasting fond memories for everyone. Martin drove me nuts yesterday calling Rayne a mongatard (sp?). Isn't it beautiful to see such healthy relationships between our children. :)

  2. They do say that homeschooling makes families closer! Haha! My kids aren't so much into the namecalling these days as they are tackling each other. Drives me nuts!

  3. That was hilarious. Ima gettin' me one of those newfangled thingys for me for Christmas. You just wait for my rappin'.

    Oh, and Monique - I didn't tell Martin cause I don't like him calling my Rayne names, AS IF, but I'm totally stealing mongatard. LOLOL