Saturday, September 18, 2010

Intruder Alert

There are days (many, many days) when I think my two kids are going to murder each other.  There are days, very few and far between, when they are best buddies.  Then there are days, like today, when they just put up with each other trying to abide by the rules and get along the best they can.

We were out running errands, scrunched up in my husbands little "beep-beep car" (that's our name for a tiny little car).  I hear playful bantering in the back seat and giggles.  Out of my peripheral vision I can see hands back and forth.  Thankfully, they weren't fighting or else I would have one of my temptations to find the nearest telephone pole and put an end to the whole thing.  Instead, I hear:

Jared: Heeyyyyyy! You're in my space bubble!

Jenna: Well! You're in mine! *Giggle, giggle*

My husband asks me about the "space bubbles".  I tell him it's something they came up with to respect each other's space and mark their territory.  It always makes me grin when I hear them "getting into them".

The next thing I hear is:

Jared: come Mommy is allowed in Daddy's space bubble??? (I have my arm around my husband)

Jenna: That's because...they're making SPARKS!!

*Giggle, giggle*

*Fits of laughter*

Oh, to be young again!