Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nature Journal

I won't write about pulling my hair while trying to organize, locate and grade papers for Jenna's classes, or the number of times I had to confiscate slowly deflating balloons that were releasing horrible whining, squawking sounds during class time. Instead, we'll focus on the orderly, peaceful, Charlotte Mason-y side of things.

Today we got to do something fun. As I mentioned earlier, Jared is taking a Botany class.  One of his assignments today was to make a nature journal, including his first entry in preparation for his class tomorrow. We're using Apologia's Botany textbook which gives all sorts of suggestions for making a journal and what to include: songs, scriptures, similies, metaphors, thoughts/reflections, descriptions of flora and fauna, notes, sketches and drawings, etc. I think this is something he could really get into as he develops his own style for keeping his journal, since he enjoys reflecting, nature and drawing.

So, I did a little spying (shhhhh) while he sat out in the backyard observing nature and recording what he found.  I couldn't resist.

This melted my heart.

This is the journal we created with regular computer paper, scrapbook paper, pieces of a cardboard box, twine a hole puncher and modpodge.

The Recordings

Happy Homeschooler

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