Friday, January 20, 2012

I Found My Little Girl

The transition from girlhood into adolescence often leaves me stunned, baffled, scratching my head and asking "Why me?"  I am thankful that God is helping me to embrace this natural part of anyhow! 

I wrote this poem today:

I Found My Little Girl

There was, once upon a time, my little girl so amiable and nimble
climbing trees, skipping rocks, running through the day
"Look, Daddy and Mommy, I made you this."
she'd say

A missing tooth, a scratched up knee
stitches, bandages and casts
a tromp through the creek, overturning rocks
in search of obscured crawdads

Riding bikes, sweaty face
prayers in bed, a sweet embrace

Bedtime stories, stay-up parties
hair-dos, massages
pedicures and manicures
laughter and surprises

A kind word, a kiss on the cheek
a tattered skirt and stained up sneaks

Days, weeks, months, years
all too quickly flee
holding hands and bear hugs
now distant memories

Where could my little girl be?

I reach for her hand
but get a cold shoulder
and a "Maybe later, Mom."
oh, how I'd long to hold her

"Want to play a game?" I ask
"Maybe later, Mom."
"Is this the standard response to all?"
"Maybe later, Mom."

Ipod, music, ooVoo and Skype
talking all day and into the night

"Time for bed, and turn that thing off."
a look of disgust and dismay
"Do as you're told, young lady
otherwise, I'll take it away."

"Can I go here? Can I go there?"
anywhere but home, it seems
I catch a glimpse of her in the mirror
she's ready to spread her wings

Like a butterfly, she emerges
from the chrysalis of love held so tight
security, confidence
and beauty take flight

Determination, goals
dreaming about tomorrow
reaching for new heights
wanting to be let go

I stand on the side lines
with guidance, love, correction
cheering her on
with discipline and affection

She's growing up, pulling away
searching for who she is
she looks within, stands on the Rock
and knows that she is His

With prayer and perseverance
patience and trust
I look to the One
who is faithful and just

Take her and mold her, I pray
shape her and form her
with talents and unique gifts
and Truth of Your Word

Let her be one of a kind
let her be free from this world
let her shine as a light
let her be transformed

At His feet, in humble service
walking in love and liberty
making her stamp on this world
that's where my little girl will be!


  1. *sniff,sniff* I'm not ready for all that. <3

  2. Wow Jessica. That was amazing. It's very hard watching them spread their wings, and I am talking about my boys. Can't imagine how much harder it would be if they were girls. I guess I'll find out soon enough with Ava. The great thing is that God hears a mother's prayers. So keep praying for her, and keep leaning on God! And remember, that regardless of what's going on on the outside, there is nothing like a mother's hug, on the the inside. Love you and praying for you!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Laura. Yes, hold onto the next several precious years with Ava! So thankful to have God by my side!