Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Trip to Assateague Island

(Oops! My last post was inadvertently published before I was finished! So, here's the revised edition.) 

This weekend we visited Assateague Island for the first time.  We tried our best to create a learning experience out of this trip.  We started reading Misty of Chincoteague (again, since we put it down long ago) before we left and read up on the history behind the wild ponies.  We read about the habitat of these ponies, along with their diet and other plants and animals on the island.  We looked at a map to get an idea of exactly where we were on the island.  It was more beautiful than I had expected and I can only imagine what it would be like in the summer while plants and flowers are in bloom! Wow.  So many pretty nature scenes.  A camera can only capture so much.

As soon as we drove into the park we came upon a small herd of wild ponies, which was our main reason for visiting.  We were so excited.  We took three different walking trails- one on the dunes, one along the marsh and one through the forest.  I feel like pictures can do a much better job than I can at describing some of the beautiful things we saw.  So, here is a "slideshow" of our trip. Enjoy!

This was once a road that was destroyed in the storm of 1962

Barefoot Jared needs a lift!

We liked her leg warmers


  1. Very nice. Brr, looks cold, though. :)

  2. Yes, cold came to mind. But beautiful pictures and the smile on your babies faces were priceless!!

  3. Such a great place to get to visit. When we read the books associated with the island we talked of visiting, but it is a good ways from us.

  4. Yea!!! You finally made it to Assateague!!!!! Great close-ups of the wild ponies...looks like it was a chilly, but fun day for the family!!!