Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just For Fun

The other day we took a respite from the daily grind (aren't we always doing that? Ha.). We took a trip to the library and picked out books on a subject that interested us.  Jared picked several books on volcanoes, and Jenna picked a biography on George W. Bush. 

I'm glad we went when we did because we ran into a dear elderly couple that attend church with us, but due to declining health have not been able to visit for several months, if not for the past year.  They are such sweet people and always have smiles on their faces despite their hardships.

We came home with a bunch of books, found a cozy spot and read for the next couple of hours.  I found a few interactive websites for Jared about volcanoes that he was very interested in.  He especially liked Discovery Kids where he found some interesting information. Once he was done he typed up a list of facts that he'd learned from the day.

Jenna read contentedly and shared bits and pieces of info that I never knew about George W. Bush.  Her books were much longer, so I let her get by with just sharing what she learned with me.

So, today we finally got around to doing a volcano "experiement" of our own.  We formed our dough volcano (recipe below) around a small bottle of water and set it on a large shoe box.  We filled the bottle with warm water and added about 10 drops of red food coloring, 6 drops of dishwashing soap and 2 tbsp. of baking soda.  Finally, we poured in our white vinegar and...

The kids insisted on multiple eruptions.  Then we decided that one time we HAVE to try the "Trashcano"!

Dough Recipe
6 cups flour
2 cups salt
2-3 cups water
4 tbsp oil


  1. Yes you MUST do the trashcano! That looks AWESOME!!!! And you must must must blog about it too!! I love volcano you guys made! The greenery and all that make it very realistic and cool.

  2. Dude! I'm trying that trashcano too!

  3. Oh and I always see the Sis of the couple at Walmart. Lol. Definitely sweethearts.

  4. Looks like we will have to do a group trashcano and video for Tiff! :)

  5. Yes you MUST do the trashcano video!!! I'd pop some popcorn and make an evening out of watching that. lol!