Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Walk

Ever since it got cold we have pretty much been hibernating indoors.  We have become so comfy in our home that I didn't realize we were slipping into a monotonous rut.  Not that anyone was complaining- we just are in need of spicing things up a bit.  I decided to sign the kids up for a few classes over the next few months- I'm really looking forward to some of them!

Today, we bundled up in layers and took a winter nature walk.  The kids had gone out to play in the snow yesterday and wanted to show me some animal prints that they found.  I printed up a couple of animal track identification charts, got the camera, a vial for some stream water (to look at under the microscope) and we headed out.

After the initial shock of the cold wore off we really had a good time.  It was just what we needed. 

Some of the things we observed...

We came inside to do our sketches of something interesting from our walk.  Jenna sketched the Cattail  she picked from beside the pond.  Jared was going to sketch what we saw under the microscope of the stream water but...I think I need some help working the thing or a better one *scratching head*. Ha!


  1. Girl...your photography is just something else. The pics of them by the river and Jenna with the cattails are just breathtaking! Love the railroad track one too!