Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lunchtime Conversation

A typical day in our home. We sat at the table having lunch and our conversation went something like this:

Jenna: "Mom- do you ever get out of your bathrobe?"

*laughter around the table*

Me: "Well, clearly I don't.  Because, remember yesterday- I wore it to the Valentine's Party?" Gotta love sarcasm.

(I look across the table and notice Jenna is also wearing her pajamas, and to the right to see Jared is wearing his as well)

Me: "And- do you ever get out of your pajamas?"

*Jenna's eyes look up at the clock, notices it's a few minutes before noon*

Jenna: "Um, yeah.  After 12 o'clock."

Me: "A lot of other homeschoolers stay in their pajamas to do school.  It's something we can choose to do."

Jared: "Not Xander and Chanel.  They get up and get dressed right away." (Thanks, Tiff! Ha.)

Me: "Well, good. That's what works for them. We don't wear our pajamas everyday.  Sometimes you work better when you get up and get dressed.  If we're ever having a lazy day and I'm having trouble getting you guys to work I'll do what Martin & Rayne had to do.  I'll have you get up and get dressed in your Sunday best."

*Eyes begin bugging out in both children's eyes*

On a side note:
1) It's now 12:55 and Jenna is still in her jammies
2) I am still in mine
3) Jared is still in his
4) I do plan to get dressed at some point and always try to before my husband gets home ;)


  1. That is very funny! Thanks for sharing. Martin is currently in his jammies...2:13pm; however, Rayne and I are dressed. We had unexpected company this morning thus Rayne and I had to get our clothes on...Martin's jammies sufficed as "normal clothing".

    We are doing evening school today because we had a very late evening after a wonderful Bible study in Hagerstown!!! I am loving that work up there! Such precious people loving Jesus. How rewarding!!!!

  2. LOLOL!!! Love it! Xander and Chanel also make their beds, have their rooms cleaned up, sweep the street out front and reroof the house before they are allowed to eat breakfast but that's just how we roll. lol!

  3. As long as we are dressed by the time Daddy comes home, it's all good in the 'hood. :)

  4. I'm reading all of this and laughing, because real life is funnier than fiction. I don't know if you saw my post at the beginning of the year...the one about our snazzy uniforms and how Eloise was going to be dressed and polished early every morning.... well any way... we can only discuss that in history class, because the uniforms were all destroyed in art class. Eloise now sports whatever she can find outside of the huge collection in the dirty clothes hamper. It's great having the freedom to choose. I think I hear the Star Spangled Banner playing softly in the distance. :)