Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Raincheck

Thirteen years ago, I gave birth to a tiny human of 6 lbs. 12 oz.  Today (well, yesterday was her actual birthday), we celebrate the young woman  she is becoming.  She's spirited, feisty, carefree and confident.  She doesn't take much too seriously and loves to laugh...especially at herself for doing silly things.  She's a social butterfly and fun to be around.  She's adventurous, always looking for fun and excitement.  In other words, my opposite (ha!).

Her 13th birthday is one we are sure to remember.  Not just because of the age but her toothless circumstances.  We didn't plan for it to happen this way, but she ended up having oral surgery 3 days before her birthday.  She had ten teeth extracted!  (Eleven, counting the one she lost the day before surgery).  My kids are so stubborn they don't want to lose their teeth and they have tiny mouths.  X-rays show 3 teeth trying to fit into one spot under her gums.  We waited almost 3 years for change to come and for her to lose teeth naturally, but that didn't happen.

To make a long story short, we met the surgeon for a consultation on Thursday.  For insurance reasons we needed the surgery done by the end of the month (husband's contract is changing hands which means new insurance, which means a pre-existing condition, etc.) and the surgeon was booked until the end of June, aside from the one cancellation he happened to have for the next day, Friday.  So I took it. They assured me she'd be eating regular foods the next day.  I don't think any of them have ever had 10 teeth extracted at once.

Needless to say, she's been pretty uncomfortable for the past few days and has eaten more tapioca pudding and mashed potatoes than she has her whole life!  She's got quite a few stitches and a lot of gums! Her requested steak birthday dinner at her Mimi & Poppy's had to be re-scheduled for a later date and instead we had (as per her request) chili and cornbread.  And for her birthday dessert, strawberry shortcake.

Happy 13th Birthday, Jenna!


  1. oh, no!!!! Brave girl. I cannot imagine dealing with that. yuck!!!

  2. Happy 13th Birthday, toothless! You'll be chomping that steak soon.