Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mom & Son

What they say about the relationship between a mom and her son is so true.  There's just something special that takes place between them.  Jared and I have many ways we bond and it takes little effort. 

We are both early birds.  Many times we snuggle together early in the morning in my favorite chair by the window and talk about anything, listen to the birds, watch the sun come up or simply say nothing. 

Or, we talk about waking up with a song of praise on our hearts.  Music is something we both love.  We have a couple of "our songs" that are special just to he and I.   One of them is Glenn Miller's "In the Mood".   Jared loves Big Band/Swing. Another is a silly one called "Let's Rub Noses, Like the Eskimoses." 

We like to read together.  Many times I read books outloud to him, and neither of us move on to the next chapter without the other.  Sometimes we both fall asleep before we can finish a page.

We share a love for nature.  Whether it's sitting in the sunshine and soaking it up, bird watching, taking in the beauty of plants and flowers, a walk in the woods, or the simple excitement of having bunnies come right up beside us in the yard---we love it all.

Mostly, we share a love for our Creator.  I love the talks we have together about our God: thankfulness for all He's done, His beautiful creations, the song He puts in our hearts, His word,  answered prayers and prayers that are currently on our hearts.  It blows my mind how Jared can find the spiritual application in almost any situation.  I can count on him to share in a burden or excitement and take them both to prayer. 

Then, there's Chess.

It's a game that sits on the shelf, untouched, until he and I play together.  I taught him how to play a few years ago and ever since, it's been our thing.

The End.

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