Friday, June 17, 2011

Some New Pictures

So, what's a homeschool mom do when school's out and the kids are having FUN, FUN, FUN?  Yep, take more pictures around the yard (can't think of anything else to do with myself at the moment) while being eaten alive by no-see-ums and attacked by gnats. 

Yes, I said no-see-ums. Seen 'em? 

I am actually practicing shooting pictures manually with my new camera.  I still have A LOT to learn about aperture, exposure, shutter speed, etc.  Anyways, here are my new pictures.  I apologize in advance to my Facebook friends because you've seen these already.

This one's coming in for a landing

This one is SO not cool.  These freakazoids are destroying my roses.  Every year I deal with this.  They are about to get Sevin-ed Up.  Get it?

These kids (who shall remain faceless for the sake of privacy) approached me and asked me if I could tell what was different about them.  See if you can figure out.  You have an unfair advantage though!

Another bunny in our yard

A crow dropped this nest by Jenna as it flew by her.  I guess it was done with his meal.  :(

The kids decided to play a game of marbles outside. I found it quite artistic and had to get a picture.

Twice this week the mother of these mourning dove eggs flew out of my lilac bush as I walked by and scared me half to death.  I am sad to report that these eggs have been eaten.  **Might not be the best spot to make a nest 2 feet off the ground Mrs. Mourning Dove.**  Just Sayin'...

That, my dear readers, is all I have for today!  


  1. Pictures can really speak volumes...and the ones you have shared here are most impressive, Jess!!!! I love the marble pics~~~simplicity in summertime activities outdoors are the best!!!!