Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My New Favorite Tool

I have a new freebie that I'm excited about- Quizlet ( ).  It's an online program that you can create flashcards for your vocabulary words.  You can then take practice quizzes and tests as it scrambles your definitions and words around.

The kids used it for the first time yesterday.  Jared's words are from the book he's reading (Hatchet) so we did a search and were able to use someone elses already created words/definitions.  Jenna was able to do the same with about half of her vocab list from Swiss Family Robinson and then added the ones that were missing.  You can copy and paste directly from an online dictionary or use their "auto-define" feature as soon as you enter a new word.  You can browse by subject , standardized tests, different languages,e tc. and you can even insert pictures with your definitions.  Each word and definition has audio with it so you can have the correct pronunciation.

It's great because I was just trying to figure out how to create a test for their latin words- and this is the perfect solution.  One thing you want to be careful of, though, if you're using someone else's words & definitions is to be sure they have the correct spelling and definition.

Just thought I'd share :) Check it out!

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