Friday, January 14, 2011

First Sewing Projects

Today we finally got around to doing a couple of sewing projects.  For the first "quarter" of the year Jenna had been doing cooking- which is her new hobby.  She LOVES to cook.  So, now I'd like to have her try sewing.

She decided on a reversible zebra & black tote bag.  She did a fabulous job, especially considering it was her first real sewing project.  I am so proud!  We were inspired to make a bag after visiting with her Gigi (Great Grandma).  She gave Jenna a simple little tote bag and suggested she use it as a pattern to make one herself.  Great idea, Grandma!

Once the bag was completed she decided to add on a "J' to the plain black side (that part is hot glued...shhhh).  We found detailed instructions for making the bag here since she wanted it to be reversible.  This site is full of fun craft ideas! 

Then Jared made a pillow case with these fabrics:

Here's his finished project:

Today was a fun Friday.  I hope to do more projects like these at the end of the week.  Next on our list is to do some fun science experiments :)


  1. Very nice work. Jenna and Jared need to start taking orders.

  2. Great job! Hey if they need another simple pattern to play with Chanelie has this drawstring tote pattern they can use. She made a ton of them for Christmas presents and they sew up really quickly!

  3. Nice projects. I like the idea of fun fridays. I am homeschooling my three children as well. To end the week with a fun project or science experiment is a brilliant idea. A nice way to finish up the week. Thank you for sharing. Your kids did a super job.